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Reporting Xpress is an online reporting solution for nonprofits and their end users.

Our cloud based online reporting distribution solution integrates with Blackbaud’s cloud based Financial Edge NXT and Raiser’s Edge.

Reporting Xpress empowers anyone in your organization to easily obtain essential information when they need it, without taxing your back office team. The result is improved customer service to those departmental users and greater efficiencies in the organization.

Provide information to your entire organization without straining staff resources!

This solution empowers your users to obtain information when they need it without impacting the productivity of your staff. Your team can stay focused on more strategic efforts and be significantly more productive.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

How much time does your staff spend compiling and distributing routine reports? Reporting Xpress allows your users to easily access reports through our intuitive secure portal or subscribe to automatic email delivery of the reports they use most often. This generates an immediate return on your investment by freeing up staff resources which are critical for the nonprofit entity.

  • Quickly and automatically distribute financial & development information
  • Reduce the need for end-user training
  • Improve customer service for end-users
  • Reduce interruptions and the negative impact on staff productivity from calls for information from across the organization
  • Free staff up to focus on developing new one-off reports that provide strategic insight
  • Free up time for constituent database maintenance and cleanup
  • In smaller organizations where staff wear multiple hats, free time for additional development efforts
  • In FE NXT environments, provide project owners easy access to all of the information they need to effectively manage their projects
  • Save time and facilitate better decision making by automating leadership-oriented dashboard reports
Reporting Xpress Features

Reporting Xpress Features

  • Advanced Security-users only see what they are authorized to access
  • Self-Serve access
  • Information on Demand 24/7
  • Access reports from anywhere (Mobile friendly)
  • Check balances, view daily activity, and account details
  • Review campaign details
  • Automatic distribution of call lists
  • Reports can be in any format: PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Users can view, print, download, and email reports
  • Users can subscribe to text or email notifications of when new reports are ready, i.e. monthly reports that come out on a different day each month
  • No Financial Edge or Raiser's Edge knowledge necessary


  • Cloud based system residing in world class AWS data centers
  • Developed using state of the art Microsoft, Oracle, and HTML development tools
  • Integrated with the Blackbaud SkyAPI cloud service
  • Integrated security logging and access control
  • Encrypted persistent storage for reports and report authenticity proofs
  • On-demand load balancing and autoscaling services provide an “always-on” and always “right-sized” platform
  • Federated authentication and authorization keeps you in control of your security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication available

Designed by experts, with you in mind.

Reporting Xpress was designed by Certified Public Accountants with years of experience in the fields of non-profit accounting and cloud-based management. This unique perspective gives Reporting Xpress an edge when it comes to knowing exactly what an organization needs out of a reporting system.

Thirty Five years combined experience with Blackbaud

Thirty-five years combined experience with Blackbaud

Forty years combined experience with non-profit entities

Forty years combined experience with non-profit entities

Forty five eyars combined experience with cloud-based admin solutions

Forty-five years combined experience providing cloud-based administrative solutions