Reporting Xpress

Reporting Should NOT Be A Burden

You invest a lot in collecting and maintaining data.   Converting that data into Actionable Information and getting it into the hands of everyone across your organization who can put it to use should not be a burden. 

Reporting Xpress is the leading comprehensive cloud-based reporting solution that integrates seamlessly with Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT, Raiser’s Edge NXT, and most other cloud-based software. We will implement custom automated reports and data transformation on our platform so you can deliver the actionable information your organization needs to be successful. 

Have some ideas for what you would like?  If you can draw it on a piece of paper, we can probably give it to you.  If you need a little guidance, our fundraising and financial subject matter experts can share best practices and help you think through the data analysis and presentation that would work best for your organization.

Broad adoption by end-users of Reporting Xpress as their go-to source for Actionable Information is incredibly easy.  Most people are already comfortable interacting with reports as an information source.  Reporting Xpress's federated security infrastructure means most users won't require another login id or password.  Within 15 minutes or less, they can be trained to access actionable information from any of your connected systems through our intuitive portal or via automated email distribution.  

Reporting Xpress _ Cloud Based Reporting as a Service (RaaS)

Reporting as a Service (RaaS) solutions like Reporting Xpress exist in the cloud and access data contained in your cloud-based applications via API.



Reporting Xpress for CFO's

Is exporting data to Excel every month to get the reports you want getting old yet? How about distributing reports to large numbers of individual departments, locations, or "project owners"?


  • Save time, not just creating and distributing reports, but also using them
  • Customize reports to fix all of the nagging issues you currently have to live with
  • Visualize data
  • Combine data from multiple sources(applications) into a single report
  • Face it, the reports produced by your department are seen as a reflection of you. Are you happy with what you are distributing?

Reporting Xpress for Database Administrators

Would more time to spend on cleaning up your database be helpful? Worried about making a mistake when you are manually combining data sources in Excel to build reports? When is the last time you had enough free time to upgrade your technical skills?


  • Automate time-consuming and mind-numbing repetitive reporting tasks
  • Improve the look and functionality of standard reports
  • Free more time for database cleanup and deep dives into your data to discover new insights which will lead to better fundraising outcomes
  • If you are responsible for the database and fundraising, free more time time to meet with donors
  • Spend more time on your mission

Reporting Xpress for Development Officers

Could you and your team be more effective with easy access to information formatted exactly how you would like to see it?


  • Visualize Data
  • Distribute actionable reports
  • Get reports combining data out of multiple sources without someone spending hours in Excel
  • Automated reports can be produced daily, with no effort
  • Save time
  • Access on the go from mobile devices

Reporting Xpress for Executive Directors

Would you like a package of dashboard reports in your email box each morning? Would your board like to be kept a little more up-to-date between meetings?

Visibility Impacts Performance:

  • Get reports formatted exactly how you would like to see them
  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions with intuitive reporting and dashboards
  • Grow Revenue
  • Stay within Budget
  • Improve back-office productivity
  • Spend more time on your mission
  • Keep your organization focused on what is most important
  • Put information into the hands of people that need it, but don't have time to become expert users of your systems

Report Samples

Just a few ideas to get your wheels spinning. Remember, if you can draw it on a piece of paper, we can probably give it to you.

Gift Detail Reports

Parse data any way you want

Activity Report

"Just getting the Batch ID onto this report is a game-changer for me." - CFO

Project Overview Report

Merge multiple system reports together with this simple report.

The Reporting Xpress Difference

  • Reporting Xpress extracts data from your core systems via API and shapes it into a temporary JSON data warehouse in the cloud from which we can generate reports.
  • The temporary data warehouse gives Reporting Xpress the ability to reshape your data and combine data from multiple systems to provide report views that may not be available from your core systems.  Don't worry.  We don't store any of your source data.  We delete it as soon as we generate the reports and only store reports in encrypted AWS secure storage.
  • Not all reports are designed to be consumed by humans. Reporting Xpress can also generate 'reports' that are data files. These can be CSV’s, SQL files, XML, etc. that can be imported into other systems freeing staff from the repetitive tasks of exporting and reshaping/cleaning data to get it ready for import into another system.
  • All of Reporting Xpress’s computing and storage resources exist in AWS’s world-class cloud infrastructure and Reporting Xpress leverages native cloud services provided by AWS for optimum security, performance, and availability.


Xpress to Xcel Computer screen

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