PARIS - Project Activity Reporting Information System

Effortlessly manage and access project information with automated report generation and distribution

What is PARIS?

PARIS  is a self-service portal designed to streamline financial reporting for non-financial users. Leveraging Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®, PARIS simplifies access to financial data, making it easier to generate, distribute, and consume reports.

Simple and Intuitive Access to Account Balances, Transactions, and other Info
Access reports through the Portal or receive via Automated Email Delivery
Everyone is comfortable with reports as an information medium
Reports are Updated Daily
Usage Tracking -See who is using reports
Users do not need to be users in FENXT
Option to show unposted transactions on reports
Sample dashboard view[619]
Standard PARIS Reports

Project Attribute /  Information Reports

  • Individualized Project Level
  • Typically contain all the important information stored as project attributes in FE
  • Can include Summary Financial Information

Project Activity

  • Users can view transaction details
  • Individual Project Level and Summary Rollup by department, location, college, etc
  • Typically includes Batch ID information (unavailable on Standard FE Reports) and columns for Posting AND Transaction Dates (only one date on standard report) and in some cases columns for Transaction Codes


  • Individual Project Level and Summary Rollup by department, location, college, etc.
  • May include columns for current period, YTD, comparison to prior periods, Budget vs. Actual
  • Formats manageable by helper file similar to VCO.  For example, combine multiple account codes into a single row on an Income Statement for readability



Eliminate manual report generation and distribution tasks

Use the time your finance team gets back for more strategic work

Users only have visibility of reports related to their projects or funds

Provide Access to Daily Updated Information

Minimal Training Required to Use

Reduce the number of outside users in your finance system

Single Sign-On eliminates the need for additional user credentials

Reduce finance team interruptions to getting account info. 

Implementation of software and reports handled by Reporting Xpress

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does PARIS remove complexity for users?
Users can access reports through our portal or receive via automated email delivery.  Federated security means users are recognized by their network credentials, so they don't need another login ID and password that you have to help maintain.  The User Interface for PARIS is simple and intuitive. Access is security trimmed so that users only see information about the “projects” they oversee.  Reports are archived for 18 months so users can review information from prior periods.  Longer archiving options are available
How do reports look?
Reports are custom formatted to include customer logos, colors, etc. The Reporting Xpress team will help you select the format that will work best for your organization
Where are reports stored?
Reports are stored in AWS S3 encrypted secure storage; reports storage locations can be localized to country-specific AWS sites if needed.